Infinity Sweets


Infinity Sweets Bakery is an upscale bakery known for elegant pastries.

We set our expectations high and only serve the best pastries, and Specialty Sculpture Cakes. Anything that you can think of we can make.


There are infinite possibilities to the kinds of desserts and pastries that can be imagined and created here at Infinity Sweets (hence the name).


We think outside of the box and create things like Caramel Cookiedough Brownies, Orange Creamsicle scones, Tiramisu and Cicrus Animal Cupcakes, Blueberry Matcha Tea tart with a mascarpone mousse, and other sweets and treats. We aim not only to amuse our customers, but also to satisfy the cravings of their sweet tooth.


We continuously strive to create more and more amazing and amusing edible creations.